1948 supercharged vincent black lightning at the Bonneville salt flats.

1948 supercharged vincent black lightning at the Bonneville salt flats.
Roland "Rollie" Free at 150mph on his record breaking run.


Monster dog parked on the highway on test run no 1

taking a break

removing the cover

Drag bike??

engine complete!

Khardung la one of the world's highest motorable passes.

Khardung la one of the world's highest motorable passes.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Veypor Debate.

Recently a friend of mine told me that there was some debate on how accurate the veypor really is and if it was incorrectly calibrated, could give incorrect velocity readings.

The fact is, if configured incorrectly, it could give you lower velocity readings,or higher depending on the wheel circumference fed into the veypor.

The veypor is very accurate, the actual tolerences or error factor can be checked online,this is not debatable.

Wwhat is debatable, is human error, either deliberate or by mistake.

I have never really bothered with what people think of me, those who know me know what I stand for, so in my case the former is out of the question.I am not building this bike as poser value, to boast or impress anybody.

The latter- human error is also not possible when you consider the method used to measure the circumference of the tyre, a stout wire inner cable wrapped around the centre of the front tyre and measured in mm to give the correct circumference.(this was rechecked several times to be sure).

I initially had the stock speedo mounted with the veypor to see the error factor on a brand new(just done 3000km)Tbird speedo.At 50kmh on the veypor the stock speedo registered around 60kmh, so with the correct ca liberation the veypor actually registered a slower velocity than the stock speedo.

"In the end the race is only with yourself"

Sunday, January 25, 2009

TheBeach Recce.

January the 24th 2009

I decided to check out a beach we had visited a year ago, to see how suitable it would be to run the bike,so me, my wife and a friend rode down to the Konkan on our motorcycles.

The beach was good:Flat,long and realtively hard , allthough our bikes did tend to weave a little on the sand.

The local village poppulation might be another story,for some reason they did not seem too happy to hear or see us.

Anyway the hunt for a suitable place to test continues.

If anybody knows a suitable road around Pune in a 50km radius, I would be grateful for any information.Just remember it has to be a straight, fairly long (1km or >) ,flat road with a good surface and no people, dogs,buildings or traffic.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009 ooty rider mania!

No i will not be going for Rm but it sure has kept me busy these last few days tending customers bikes and last minute repairs.

In affect i was not even able to look at monster dog, let alone get some work done or ride.I was finally able to get the correct cable to download from my veypor, so i will now concentrate on gathering as much data form each run and using that information to better tune the bike.

The next thing is to look for a suitable place to test.The roads around here are too dangerous.the closest place to test is talegaon , but that was last year who knows what that road will be like now!

we are now thinking of testing on the beaches of the konkan, this would mean looking for a suitable hard packed,long,deserted beach.

Lets hope for the best.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's official! At 12 noon on the 14th of Jan 2009 on a test run to see how the Veypor functioned we clocked a 100mph or 161.8kmph on the veypor motorcycle computer.

The run started off slowly, i was'nt planning to open the throttle.I still had the stock speedo bolted on to see how inaccurate it is.I revved monster dog up past 3000rpm and suddenly decided to push the bike a little.The acceleration was instantanious and fast, before i knew it was blasting down the road. So used to the older albion 4 speed gearbox,i changed into 5th only after i began to slow down.

The run was fast but for the short distance and slow start i was not expecting the bike to hit a 100mph so easily.

I Dont have the correct cable to attach the veypor to my laptop and download the data as yet, so i have taken a picture of the screen.

The future looks bright for Monster Dog.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Veypor vr2

Since I am dedicating a lot of time and effort into this project, the next logical step was to have a some sort of accurate data logging device to see how the motorcycle is running in real time.

The OE speedos are notoriously inaccurate and really tuning monster dog without any data would pose a problem in the long run.

The veypor VR2 is very ideal for someone like me, who has no access to a dyno and had to earlier rely on feel.This way any change made to the setup whether it is jetting, fuels,timing,gearing,tyres,riding posture etc would show up immediately on the veypor.

The veypor VR2 Features are:

Full Instrumentation
Portable Dynamometer with plots
Full and Pro Tree 1/4 Mile Runs
0-60Mph and Braking Test Timing
Roll-on timing for any speeds
Graph results for all Runs
Save up to 8 runs
Calculate Fuel Mileage and fuel level
Separate Fuel Odometer
Odometer and Resettable Tripmeter
Metric or Imperial units
Two maintenance hour meters
Gear Indicator
Lap Timer and Course Analyzer
Full featured Rally Computer
Store 4 separate vehicle setups
Super bright dual-level shiftlight
Programmable speed light
Download all Run data to a PC
Drag Coefficient Calculation
Rolling Resistance Calculation
Full-time datalogging for up to 24h
Programmable sampling rate
View all logging sessions on a PC
Time and Date with battery backup

Alluminium block.

Alluminium block.
Block being bored out to size.

Alluminium block.

Alluminium block.
The final honing process.

the finished right shift gearbox

Right shift conversion

Right shift conversion
the standard 5 speed